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Listit Corp offers major advertisers an exclusive 3 year, no increase advertising package.



has prime advertising space available here on our portal and continuing on our Classified Site. Zero in on one of the largest real estate related markets in the USA!

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Prime Space

Our home page space available to only 12 advertisers on a yearly contract basis.  Also includes front page space on our sister Classified Site. Prime Space Ads will appear on every listed page in our Classified Site. Cost $5.00 per day or $1,825.00 per year, per site. (The Listit Project has 180 U.S. websites available for Home Page Banner Advertisement.)

Classified Site

Our Classified Site provides customers the ability to build a one
page photo ad for up to one year free of charge. Along with their
free ad comes a free web address that can be published in other
media such as magazines, email, newspapers, etc.

Link Page Advertising

Our Link Page Advertising provides advertisers the ability to feature
a one paragraph ad along with links to their respective website or
email address. Cost $99 per year.